Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No More Coke Breaks

Soda companies announced today that they will no longer be selling high-calorie, high-sugar soda drinks at the nation's public schools. The soft drink companies will only be selling low-fat milk, juice, water, and diet sodas. This deal was coordinated by none other than the William J. Clinton Foundation (big surprise, huh?). I think this is a pretty good move by the soda companies, at least its a nice move to help curb childhood obesity. I'm not sure that it will do much good, though. The kids will still go home and chug the soft drinks, and they will more than likely bring the drinks with them to school. This is a good start, though, for change in our nation's consumption habits. I think obesity is a huge problem that is largely ignored at home, but I think our future will be in a heep of trouble if we don't do something about our fat! I'm slightly surprised that the companies would agree to such a deal, but I guess they are moving their emphasis to non-soft drink, healthy products (juices, waters, diet drinks, etc that we've seen marketed more often recently). (story here)

UPDATE: (11:32am) Well today must be health day or something. Lay's has just announced that it will be changing the oils that it makes it chips with. It will reduce saturated fat from 3 grams to only 1. Based on their sales, this move will reduce 60 million pouds of saturated fat from the nation's diet every year. (story here)

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