Tuesday, March 21, 2006

THP's Good Ol' Boy Network

Governor Bredesen announced yesterday the result of a private firm's investigation into the much embattled Tennessee Highway Patrol agency. What were the results? What we knew all along: the THP is full of politics and is run amuck with corruption. Patrol officers were promoted through political influence and not based on skill or performance. Bredesen said that things need to change. My question, however, is how they plan on doing that. This agency has been plagued for years. How can they expect to change their entire culture? This will be hard to do, and I certainly hope that we have some true leaders in place that can handle the situation. I salute The Tennessean for coming out with their report concerning the THP; it was about time that the agency's "good ol' boy network" was revealed. (story here)

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