Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shameful Officers

A Morristown veteran was arrested this week after he attended a protest against immigration. He was told that the flagpole he had with a flag on the end could be a potential weapon so they told him to get rid of it. He, of course, refused to give it up so the police arrested him. They arrested him despite the group of protesters had a legal permit to demonstrate. Nearly 100 police officers were stationed at the rally at the Hamblen County Courthouse, and a Highway Patrol helicopter flew over that drowned out anything the protesters said. County Commissioner Tom Lowe will be filling a lawsuit claiming that the group's right to peaceful assembly was violated. Isn't this a great view of America? People are getting arrested just for stating their views and exercising the right that thousands of Americans have died for. The officers of Morristown and the state of Tennessee should be ashamed of themselves of denying such a basic right to this group. I don't care what cause a person has; everyone has the right to peaceful assembly. (more here)

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