Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Baptists & Bloggers

If you want to live you life in peace and harmony: (A) never tell a Baptist that you have an opinion that differs from leadership, (B) never get emotionally involved with Baptist activities, and (C) definitely never give a Baptist your blog address because they certainly don't like 'em. I speak from personal experience. Others are feeling the same pain. Apparently, big riffs are going on with the Southern Baptists over bloggers:

"A dissenting trustee, Oklahoma pastor Wade Burleson,criticized their decision prolifically on his Internet blog site, saying the board was going too far in defining what Baptist practices should be. Other bloggers followed. Trustees first moved to oust Burleson from their board, then instead voted to censure him. Later they accused him of breaching confidentiality of board matters, an allegation that Burleson denies. Burleson said yesterday that he may ask the full convention to call for an investigation into the board's actions."

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