Friday, March 24, 2006

Grief Clouds Over Tennessee

Two tragic stories are coming out of the state today.

Some good news is that the three daughters and wife of the slain West Tennessee preacher was found in Alabama. Everyone in the family was apparently in good condition. The mother, however, is now considered a suspect in the investigation in the murder. I don't want to judge things before we get more information, but things certainly don't look good for her right now. It appears to me that she could have possibly been on the run until they were found by police. I think that the family and church members certainly need our prayers during this great time of grief. (story here)

UPDATE: TBI announced wife has been officially charged with first-degree murder. (story here)

Another story is coming from Anderson County. A car was found Thursday near the TVA Bull Run Steam Plant. An officer came to the car and found Richard Howard, former UT and Carson-Newman offensive lineman. Howard said that he was waiting for a friend because he was out of gas. When the officer went to run the tag number on the car, Howard shot himself and left a suicide note. His two daughters were found dead in the back seat. Howard was wanted on rape charges in Montgomery County. This family definitely needs our prayer after suffering so many losses. Certainly a great tragedy. (story here)

Please be in prayer for these situations.

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