Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Go Grieve at the Rest Stop

Lawmakers are going to be considering plans to force mourning families of car accident victims to erect memorials at rest areas. Instead of allowing the family to place crosses or markers at the accident site, they will have to place a brick or something of that nature in a nearby rest area. Now doesn't that sound like a great place to go mourn the loss of a relative? You have screaming kids, dogs running all over the place, and tourists taking pictures. That sounds like a wonderful place to have a memorial garden! What are they thinking? I know that safety must be considered for families and vehicles, but how many accidents have been caused by these roadside markers? I haven't heard of too many myself. I think that the families should be given the option to have some sort of garden near the accident site at maybe a rest area, but I believe that families should be allowed to grieve at the spot that the tragedy occurred. What makes our lawmakers think that a rest area will be a special place for families to go and reflect? I think it would be a shame if we did not allow these families to post roadside memorials to their lost loved ones! What kind of society are we becoming if we start to restrict the grieving of the dead? (story here)

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